Rates and Services

Rates and Services


Individual child (under 18) $57/month $166/month
Individual adult (18-29) $67/month $176/month
Individual Adult (30-49) $77/month $236/month
Individual Adult (over 50) $87/month $246/month
Couple (youngest spouse under 30) $137/month $326/month
Couple (youngest spouse over 30) $137/month $376/month
Family (youngest spouse under 30) $167/month $491/month
Family (youngest spouse over 30) $167/month $541/month

7 Health Complete rates include monthly rebates and total the currently displayed rate.

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Benefits and services to 7 health patients:


1 General adult medical care including, but not limited to: Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, headaches, allergies, bronchitis, flu, asthma, digestive disorders, basic psychiatric conditions, skin conditions, joint disease, low back pain, hormone replacement therapy, arthritis, allergy skin testing, osteopathic spinal adjustments, spirometry lung testing, etc.
2 General pediatric (children) care including, but not limited to: well-child physicals and general childhood illness, etc.
3 Preventative care, including but not limited to: yearly physicals, well-women exams, Pap tests, flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, hemoccult stool testing, physicals, sports physicals, government physicals or other required physicals with accompanying paperwork, etc.
4 Same-day appointments available for urgent illness.
5 Procedures, including laceration repair (stitches), abscess drainage, skin biopsy, EKG, urinalysis, cholesterol screening, strep testing, joint injections, splinting and casting of simple fractures, steroid allergy shots, etc.
6 Significant cash discounts on imaging such as MRI, CT and X-ray and ultrasound.
7 70% discount on sublingual allergy serum.
8 Diagnostic blood tests at savings up to 80% or more off through LabCorp laboratories.
9 Access to a personal physician who is on call through an answering service by telephone after business hours 24 hours per day, at least 90% of the year. Client understands that primary provider does need periodic time away from duties to rest or for vacation.
10 Use of 7 Health professional resources to facilitate specialists visits and medications or other beneficial medical information otherwise not available or readily available to the general lay public.