Pricing Plan for Families with Two Children

Family of two adults age 40
with two children, non-smokers

Premium: $1200/month
unshared amount
$2,000/family None for 7 Health,
$1,500 for non
7 Health expense
Office visit: $25 co-pay $7
Generic Rx: $15 co-pay $4 for most
Chest Xray: In deductible $47
Carotid US: In deductible $197
Lipid panel: In deductible $7
Thyroid test In deductible $7
Skin biopsy: In deductible $7
Dr. available: Limited to office hours Priority patient!
Urgent care: $60 co-pay $7
Dr. on call: Maybe 24/7 on most days
Waiting Period No waiting
with 7 Health
TOTAL $16,500/year $6,475/year
Savings $10,025/year

Totals include an example of 1office visit, 1 prescription, and one urgent care visit per year in each category.

For illustrative purposes only. Prices effective September 20, 2016 and are subject to change without notice. Radiology procedures do not include the cost for professional interpretation of the tests. Health insurance quotes obtained from on September 20, 2016