Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What is the purpose of your medical subscription program?
7Health was started by a local medical doctor who sought to change the way medicine is delivered. The current system does not reward doctors for how healthy they keep their patients. Doctors are paid for sick visits. Therefore, there is currently no incentive to keep patients well. With our medical subscription program, we emphasize preventative healthcare with physicals, lab work, diet monitoring, and professional advice that keeps you from having much bigger problems down the road. With our unique plan, the appropriate incentive for the doctors is to keep you well.

2. Does this qualify for Obamacare?
The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has a little known section regarding Direct Primary Care provider programs that will qualify when paired with a qualified healthcare plan. By teaming up with a national health sharing organization, we are able to offer 7 Health Complete, a comprehensive program that provides you the best of primary care along with specialists, surgery, and hospitalizations. When purchased together, you are exempt from paying any Obamacare taxes. We believe this to be the highest level of health care at the very lowest price anywhere

3. Is this health insurance?
No. We are not an insurance company. But that’s a good thing! Why? Because you get so much more for your money by eliminating the insurance middle-man. In fact, when combined with 7 Health Complete, you will actually pay much less money than traditional insurance, for much better healthcare.

4. How do I get so much medical care for so little money?
Easy–we eliminate the enormous profit that insurance companies take from you before they give the money to us. That is a lot of money in savings! Additionally, to save costs, we require that you sign up for automatic withdrawal each month from your checking or credit card account.

5. Can businesses offer this to their employees?
Absolutely! In fact, we think this would be a perfect answer to a business owner who wants to provide healthcare benefits to their employees without being raked over the coals by traditional insurance companies. These companies simply cannot offer the kind of health care that we offer for the money. Period.

6. Are there discounts for businesses?
Yes. Talk to one of our representatives to see if your business qualifies.

7. What if I get cancer or have a serious accident?
7 Health Complete offers the power of a national health sharing organization to cover the large expenses incurred by cancer treatments or other serious medical problems, including accidents and hospitalizations, up to $1,000,000 for one low price.

8. What if I need to see a specialist?
As primary care physicians, we are able to manage 85-90% of medical problems. When the need arises to see a specialist, our in house patient advocate will strive to negotiate discounts on your behalf with local specialists. Specialty care is included in the 7 Health complete program.

9. What about dental or eye care?
We are arranging special discounts for dental and eye care.

10. Do you accept those with pre-existing medical conditions?
Of course! What do you think we are–an insurance company?!

11. Are there any other costs associated with the program?
No, unless one of our doctors believes you need a CAT scan or X-Ray, blood tests, physical therapy, ultrasound or surgical services not provided in our office. These will be performed at various providers. These member-only rates will be available to you typically up to 80% or more off the regular rates depending on what procedure is needed.

12. What if I have a medical problem after-hours?
As a member of 7Health, we will find a way to fit your urgent care needs in the schedule during regular business hours most of the time. You have your very own physician on-call 24 hours per day on most days for non life threatening emergencies. If something can be handled over the phone, our doctors are usually available.