Family of Two Adults

Family of two adults

Concierge costs v. 7 Health costs

Monthly rate: $250/month $ 154/month

Lab tests: $30 Most common labs $7 each
In-house procedure: $150 each Yes $7 each
Preventative Care: Yes Yes
Personalized Care: Yes Yes
Same day visits: Yes Yes
Urgent care: Yes Yes
Dr. on call 24/7: Yes Yes
Hospitalization Rates: Decreased 25% Decreased 25%
TOTAL $3,180/year $1,862/year

Concierge medicine provides personalized healthcare including after-hours care
7 Health provides the same level of care for a lot less money.

TOTAL SAVINGS: $1,380/year for the same personalized healthcare
as concierge, But without the additional cost!

For illustrative purposes only. Prices effective November, 2014 and are subject to change.