Case Study Examples


health advocacy frisco txSingle Professional
Sally is a single professional who just lost her healthcare benefits at her job. Fortunately she joined 7 Health for just $77 per month, a fraction of what she was paying previously. 7 Health also helped her find an affordable high-deductible policy to cover emergencies or major illnesses. Her 7 Health membership gives her 24/7 access to her own personal Primary Care physician, who can take care of around 85% of her health care needs. Her 7 Health membership also gives her discounts of up to 80% on her medications, lab tests, and radiology tests. Sally also needed to see a specialist for stomach pain. 7 Health arranged a special cash-pay discount with a local specialist, and she was able to receive a needed surgery at a much lower cost than going through her prior insurance company and hospital. Sally is saving around $2000 per year on her healthcare.


health advocacy frisco txWell-off Retiree
Donald is a well-off retiree, and currently holds a nice insurance policy. But ever since the Affordable Care Act was instituted, a large infusion of patients have made it difficult for Donald to schedule a short-notice appointment with a doctor. Donald decides to join 7 Health to supplement his insurance plan. Donald receives priority scheduling and next-day urgent care visits. He can also call his doctor anytime with urgent questions. Donald is happy to be a 7 Health member.


health advocacy frisco txSelf-employed Dad
Harry is self employed and makes $65K per year. He and his wife Sally have five children and are looking for a more affordable health care plan. They love working for themselves, but healthcare costs for self employed families are high. Harry wanted a high quality of care for his family, and he wanted good communication and a great relationship with his doctor. They found 7 Health, and learned that 7 Health doctors see less total patients so that their practice can focus on priority scheduling, quick communication and a high level of patient care. At $167 for a family plan, Harry is pretty happy.


sue1Retail Employee
Sue cuts her hand open over the weekend and calls her 7 Health doctor who meets her at the office to place stitches, saving her hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of waiting at the local ER.



patty1Real Estate Agent
Patty has high blood pressure for which she pays $140 per month for her medication. She visits her 7 Health doctor who switches the medication to a $4 prescription at Wal-mart or up to 90% on the 7 Healthaffiliated online pharmacy thus saving her over $100 per month which more than pays for her monthly membership.


Jim is looking for ways to make his small business more attractive to high quality applicants, and to retain the faithful current employees to be competitive. He offers 7 Health medical benefits to his employees for a fraction of the cost of full insurance, and is able to take tax deductions at the same time.


susan1In between jobs
Susan can’t afford insurance because she has diabetes and high blood pressure. She gets her quarterly blood work and 7 Health doctor’s visits for far less than what insurance costs to access the same medical care, thus beating the insurance companies at their own game.



Eugene and his wife find that 7 health together with a high deductible ($7500) insurance plan costs about 57% less than a traditional health insurance plan with a $1500 deductible. They also find that priority scheduling for their doctor visits a benefit that is never realized with the higher cost insurance option.


Paul needs to take a brand name medication to treat his hepatitis. There is no $4 generic equivalent at Wal-mart. He enlists the helpful staff at 7 Healthwho help him get the medication for free from the manufacturer.