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Family Healthcare in Frisco, TX: It’s Important For All Of You

When you think of  family healthcare in Frisco, TX, you, like many people, may think that a family healthcare provider is only necessary for the children, and you may unwittingly disregard the importance of your own health. Regular checkups with a doctor who specializes in family healthcare in Frisco, TX can help with early detection of childhood illnesses and those that affect adults. Early detection is the easiest way to save someone's life if they have contracted something potentially deadly. Taking Children To The Doctor From the moment your baby arrives until they reach adulthood and are old enough to go to the doctor Read more
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Healthcare In Frisco, TX: Some Warning Signs Of Major Health Problems

Everyone knows that prevention and early detection are important parts of healthcare in Frisco, TX.  Many major health issues can either be avoided or mitigated by getting regular screenings and checkups from your healthcare provider.  That doesn’t mean, however, that your once-a-year checkups are going to catch every health problem that may be brewing in your body.  Here are some early warning signs of major health problems that you may miss: Signs Of Intestinal Problems ▪  Tooth Damage.  If your dentist tells you that the enamel on your back teeth is disappearing, pay attention.  Worn-down enamel on front teeth is likely from food Read more
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Healthcare in Frisco, TX: Know Your Baseline Numbers For Better Health

Healthcare in Frisco, TX is about more than just checkups when you're sick. It is important to have a baseline to judge your overall health, and many of the indicators of your overall health can be found in your numbers. That means your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your blood sugar and more. Using these numbers as our guide, we can help you figure out where there might be issues already or where problems are likely to occur. That's why 7 Health feels so strongly about great healthcare in Frisco, TX for you and your family. We also know that making Read more
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Family Healthcare in Frisco, TX Can Be Simple and Affordable

Getting the best family healthcare in Frisco, TX is a top priority, but navigating the complexities of the healthcare system can be daunting and stressful--and care can be outrageously expensive. At 7 Health we provide full, straightforward, affordable family healthcare in Frisco, TX. By cutting out the insurance middle-man, we care for your family directly. Our monthly fees are minimal, and our medical office visits are the cheapest you'll find anywhere. At 7 Health we are committed to saving you money and reducing the frustration of the maze-like healthcare system. Call us today at (214) 501-5818 and learn more about how you'll Read more
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Healthcare In Frisco, TX: How To Stay Healthy This Winter

Your winter time healthcare in Frisco, TX isn’t just about seeing your doctor when you’re sick, it’s also about preventing health problems before they start.  There are a number of ways that you can stay physically and mentally healthy this winter so that you can spend more time enjoying holiday parties and family get-togethers and less time in your doctor’s waiting room. Boost Your Vitamin D Levels There’s always a new drug or supplement in the news or on the drugstore shelves that promises to work health miracles, but most end up forgotten because they don’t deliver on their promises.  Vitamin D Read more
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Family Healthcare Frisco, TX: The Importance Of Childhood Healthcare

Healthcare is important for every individual out there, which is why so many companies have been working on making family healthcare in Frisco, TX more affordable. Even the mandatory Affordable Healthcare isn't affordable to everyone, which means there are plenty of children and families that are not getting their regular visits to the doctor, nor are they getting the emergency care they need. You can find great family healthcare in Frisco, TX that offers low cost office visits and more. There are many reasons why you should take your children, whether they are still little or even when they are teenagers, to the doctor Read more
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Affordable Healthcare in Frisco, TX from Dr. Scott Hastings

Dr. Scott Hastings started 7 Health to provide high quality, affordable healthcare in Frisco, TX for individuals, families, and businesses. 7 Health is not a medical insurance company, but instead it rewards doctors for keeping patients healthy. Rationale behind 7 Health The brain behind 7 Health is Dr. Hastings, who realized that traditional medical-insurance-driven healthcare rewarded doctors based on patient visits. This leads to a disconnect between doctors and patients who had to wait a long time for appointments and then had a rushed consultation and needed to wait for insurance companies to process payments. Moreover, insurance companies do not cover preexisting Read more
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Family HealthCare Frisco, TX: Managing Asthma with Your Doctor

Your provider for family healthcare in Frisco, TX is your strongest line of defense when it comes to managing asthma. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, about one in 13 people suffer from asthma, a potentially very controllable disease, but it remains very under-treated. Scheduling a well visit, even if you aren’t currently experiencing problems, is a great chance for your primary care doctor to establish a baseline and make more informed decisions regarding treatment plans down the line. 7 Health offers family healthcare in Frisco, TX that includes office visits for only $7. You’ll see the Read more
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Healthcare Frisco, TX: The Season of Colds and Flu is Here

Healthcare in Frisco, TX becomes even more important during this time of year. At the beginning of cold and flu season, you want to make sure you're getting the best in preventative care, as well as care while you are sick. That means you want to visit the great staff at 7 Health in Frisco, TX. We want to care for you and your family; we do it in an affordable way, so being sick and getting well can be your focus rather than stressing out about how you'll afford the bill. Call us today at (214) 501-5818 to learn more Read more
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Family Healthcare Frisco, TX: Vaccines for Adults

Comprehensive Family healthcare in Frisco, TX includes vaccines for the entire family, regardless of age. By now, it is generally accepted that vaccinating children is important to protect them, as well as the general population, from potentially fatal diseases. However, sometimes we neglect to stay current on our vaccines as an adult. Immunity from childhood vaccines can fade and a new set of diseases can threaten the health of an aging population. Some vaccines may not have been available when you were a child, but are still important to have; for example, the tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccines are recommended for Read more