About 7 Health Care in Frisco, Texas

Unique.  7 Health is a direct primary care plan that gives you access to your own primary care physician who treats around 85% of most common medical problems without the insurance middle-man. Save thousands of dollars per year with our program.  We are passionate about saving you money on your healthcare!

Affordable.  Imagine office visits for just $7, and almost anything we can do in the office for you for just $7 each.  Your own doctor will be on call for your emergencies 24/7 starting at just $67 per month.  Research has shown that being available to a primary care doctor will reduce your overall healthcare costs by 10% or more. Affordable Health Care Frisco TX

Personal. We are not just medical providers. We are your medical advocates. There’s a big difference!  As such, you have your own dedicated personal doctor to see you every time.

Compatible. We are passionate about saving our members money on healthcare for your family or business.  We love businesses! Enroll 10 or more employees and you’ll get a discount on your membership, free yearly wellness exams and lab tests, and a doctor on-call for most industrial injuries. We fit in perfectly with  any other insurance plans, you may have.

Unconditional.   Those with pre-existing medical conditions need not fear. No medical history is required to join the 7 Health team, and our doctors are ready to serve you!

Convenient.   Enjoy planned or same-day appointments that fit your schedule.

Covered. Forget going to the ER or urgent care for stitches or a sprained ankle. We’ll meet you at the office  after hours and take it from there.

Guaranteed.  We’re so sure we’ll save you money on total overall healthcare costs when comparing to regular insurance rates, we guarantee it! Talk to us for details.

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